BodyEarth was born out of a personal journey on finding natural approaches with skincare products and essential oils. Our closer to nature methods on seeking out the purest ingredients and botanicals are ethically sourced straight from Australia. While formulating our various products, we were led by three significant plants: Kakadu Plum, Riberry, and Quandong – All of which promise healthier, brighter skin. Quality is of paramount of importance to us. And when we say quality, we also mean the quality of mind, body, and soul. From ethical harvesting to developing true artisanal blends, you will discover a newly found empowerment within yourself. With a soothing Australian aroma, senses are uplifted and complexions are rejuvenated.

As a teenager, my mother always had such beautiful skin and one day I asked her why, what did she do to make her skin so lovely. Her response was, from as early as she could remember, she has always stuck to a routine of cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing, every day. This seemed to impress on my mind because from that moment on, I decided to do the same. Since then, skincare has fascinated me, I'm obsessed with it! I started playing around with creating my own lotions then decided to become more serious and become a Skincare Formulator. Now, I love to formulate for my friends and family and have released my own skincare range.

Sadly, my mother developed Early Onset Dementia at the age of 58 and now requires specialized high care. I think about how she started me on this journey so long ago and I am so thankful to her for that. Since then I have decided to support Dementia Australia as a cause that is important to me and my family, so we donate $1 from every sale to support more people impacted by dementia.